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We are currently raising funds for The Garden.
If you like the project you can support it here:

The Garden e.V.
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We want this to be a win-win-situation for all: For your support you will receive a voucher for a stay in The Garden that will be worth more than what you have given us. You win a beautiful holiday in AndalucĂ­a, and we get to create a place for development in self and society.

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What we want to give you for supporting us

We have thaught up a couple of nice ways to say thank you for your support.

Here are some examples.

1. Your personal lifetime supply of home grown lemons

We have experimented with growing our own lemon trees using the pips from the organic lemons growing in The Garden. It has been a total success and so we can give our supporters a baby lemon tree.

2. Over 400 olive trees grow on the property. We will have to catalogue them as we will be producing organic olive oil.

As a supporter you can choose a name for one of them. There are even a couple of olive trees where two trees grow out of one big, strong root. You can name these trees as a couple or reserve them for naming as a little wedding gift or whatever. We think it’s a nice idea!

3. Of course the most precious thing we can give you is the chance to slow down and enjoy your own time in The Garden.

This is why for every euro you support us with, we will give you a voucher for a stay in The Garden in return, worth 10% more than what you have given us .

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