Felix Kriegeskotte

It all starts with his powerful German surname: Kriegeskotte!

I googled the meaning and found a site that gives you a personality description for several names – of course for me this was just a joke, but funnily enough it describes Felix pretty well! Here is an excerpt:


“It is often strong personalities who have this name. Energetic, charismatic, ambitious and focused.
Born to be an executive. If they have true passion for something, they can give everything for it.
However this also works both ways. If others want to force on to them things which do not inspire, they can totally refuse to go along.”


We met Felix about ten years ago in Hamburg and lived together for several years in the Buddhist center. This is where we saw first-hand how hard this man can work and play! We saw him grow from a wild 20-year-old into a strong and resourceful Business Consultant.

Felix at work in The Garden Resort

Felix studied psychology and went on to work for a consultant company while writing his MBA which he now has in his pocket. The next year will be a time of travel for him, and we are very excited to see what happens after that.


Felix was inspired by our goals for the Garden Resort and had offered his help from an early stage. Over the last year, he has flown out to Spain twice and spent two intense work retreats with us during which we made great leaps forward. His help was really invaluable for us and we are very grateful for that!


The last time he was here he made us work on an in-depth study of the tourist market in our area. We were a bit reluctant about it because market research is mostly pretty boring work, but he insisted in his very charming but persistent way. And what to say: We’re extremely glad he did, because it brought us some important insights. Together we also visited three yoga and wellness resorts around Málaga.


So friends, here is to Felix! May he have an amazing world tour and an even more amazing and fulfilling life after that! We hope to see him here often!

Felix woriking in The Garden Resort