We are in a good place! We both feel like we did a big inner leap forward after the fire.

Honestly, the first two weeks following the fire were really hard. We had some restless nights and a constant level of high adrenalin in our blood streams. We kept smelling fire and running outside expecting to see flames again. We were often on the verge of arguing over petty things and felt very vulnerable to the elements.

Three weeks later, we’ve managed to get back to our cherished daily routine of personal development, hard work and play. Once again, we start our days having coffee on the terrace and watching the golden sun rising above the distant mountains, slowly bathing the countryside in its morning warmth.

We are very happy and grateful to see that many years of working with our minds have prepared us quite well for such a catastrophic event, and we see ourselves returning from the fire stronger and more focussed than before!